Monthly Archives: October 2012

Love, steaks and crustaceans…

I took Miss Mash on a date last weekend. You know, like trying to pretend we’re good boys and we look after our woman and all that… when really what we want is just an excuse to drink bubbly at 3pm, eat good food and drink several bottles of good wine and bag in some brownie points in the process (the kind that goes into a virtual drawer with a black hole for a bottom… Continue reading


Belfort du Quercy meets Didsbury

I have been attending Didsbury Wine Club sessions whenever I could over the last 6 months or so and I always find it bang on the money. The selection of wines is always varied, clever and of quality and for 15 quid, it’s quality school night time. Plus, they always try to arrange canapés accompaniments to pair with the wines and believe it or not, it’s not that common these days in wine tastings.

For the October opus however, Continue reading

#7wordwinereview dinner – Wine Geeks in Manchester

Miss G and I joined 15 other wine enthusiasts at Market Street restaurant in the Northern Quarter recently. This concept is born on the back of the #7wordwinereview trend on twitter which is starting to gather quite a crowd of amateurs at all levels. The dinner is simply a way to bring together forward-looking and open-minded wine bloggers, tweeters, merchants….but most of all drinkers and amateurs from the same area in one place to have a meal together, and share the love of fermented grape juice.

Our host, Gary, gentleman-owner of the Market Street restaurant is not new to the good stuff and Continue reading