Didsbury Beer Festival 2012…a sample

I don’t know why but I love this beer festival. I was there when it first started in 2008, missed 2009 and went to all subsequent editions since and it was always a success for me. I have been to a few others, Altrincham, Bent & Bongs Beer Bash… all great events but Didsbury someone has an edge. I always bring up the contrasting experience of the Stockport Beer Festival – would have been the 2009 edition – where I did not enjoy a single beer out of 5 or 6. The June weather was great yet we were all stocked within the Edgeley’s stadium stenchy bar area…not great. I guess I should give it another go since Stockport truly has great beer pubs. Anyway, the 2012 vintage was just as good if not better than previous opuses, maybe because I now know a bit more about beer and what I like. There were 107 ales available and I managed to sample 11 + 1. I’ll come to the +1 in a minute but the reason why I managed to taste so many is because we could have (generous) thirds (if you have 11 pints between 6 and 11pm, you’re not there for tasting and discovering, sort it out!).

So let’s keep this one short, here is the list of the beers I had on Friday – I did not take precise notes as 1. I am not beer tasting expert 2. too busy talking about beer to take notes; but I will use a smiley symbol as a marking conclusion if that’s ok for you.

American Amber Ale – Quantum BC 🙂
Pumpkin Ale – Quantum BC 😦 Actually not a big fan of that one
Quantum Physics – Quantum BC 🙂 The one I was looking for the most, delivered on all counts
True Grit – Millestone 🙂
Blackmere Nectar – Norther Brewery 😐 A bit flat and bland
Jaipur – Thornbridge 🙂 Very good stuff, light citrus keeps it fresh and a bit of honey for the body
Feckless – Red willow 🙂
Smokeless – Red Willow 🙂
Lord Marples – Thornbridge 😐 Not sure what I didn’t like much in this one…late in the day
East Indian Pale Ale – Dunham Massey 🙂 Vaguely remember that I loved this one
Windgather – Storm Brewing 🙂

And just like the lottery, the bonus ball, very nicely served by Ed:

Red Willow smokeless/Quantum IPA half and half…interesting stuff. Note to self, do experiment more often with beer mixing.

So there you go. Maybe not the most eye opening of posts but I wanted to relay the good time and the good beers I had at Didsbury Beer Fest 2012.

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