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Christmas shenanigans


Christmas…from the beginning of December, is a constant, increasingly powerful rise of excitement for the anniversary of the day a mysterious dude was born (if you’re Christian) although for a lot of us it is really the night when a beardy fat man sponsored by Coca-Cola® comes down the chimney and delivers boxes full of wine…sorry, beers…I mean presents. Well, at least that’s what capitalism and consumerism is trying to make us feel like as soon as Halloween’s gone.

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Fond Cyprès – Hope là 2011 – Corbières

DSC_0171This wine comes from a recent selection I made from Naked Wines. I’m keen on trying more wines from them as on paper they seem to be after an honourable mission: re-investing sales benefits in digging out independent, human sized and adventurous winemakers across the globe who need the cash injection in order to make the wines they want. I am still a bit confused on how to make an informed choice on their website. The way I made my selection was very much based on what type of wine I wanted and then relying on instinct more than on the information provided as it’s usually quite vague. For example between two Malbecs at £10-£11, there isn’t much detail that will help you choose between the two. But anyway, if anything it’s interesting to take a bit of a gamble and pick one. The wines are here, let’s find out what they’re like.

First one from that case is a young Corbières made by Laeticia Ourliac. Vines are grown organically  Continue reading

Hellish indulgence, but a match made in heaven!

Anna and James are the lovely owners of “And the dish ran away with the spoon”. This place is a cake and coffee’s fan heaven or a cake addict’s nightmare. It’s cute, it’s human sized, pastel blue crockery, childlike adornments come together with jars full of bonbons.

We were there for a special evening jointly organised with Reserve Wines (yep, them again) to sample some splendid cakes and pair them with fabulous dessert wines. Now when this event came up last month in my mailbox I thought I could do with slowing down with all these beer and wine tastings but Miss Mash also get these emails and there was no missing this particular one.

Greeted with a glass of Prosecco, Anna introduced herself, her business and her cakes then Marc spoke briefly about the science of matching wine with desserts… having had a brief look at the evening’s agenda, at this stage everyone had their taste buds at the ready for the kind of delights you don’t get to enjoy everyday.


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Craft beers and fine dining…

Beer and egg…two worlds that not so long ago were a bit like cats and dogs, not really talking to each other apart from maybe in a few select, adventurous places.

I am not sure how or when it all started, or who started it, and to be fair this is not really relevant (although Brewdog like to remind us who opened the can of worms, at least in the UK). But the fact that we now enjoy a wide range of flavoursome ales in most boozers is worth the celebration. During the last couple of years, you could not have been oblivious to those quirky labels appearing on a few bottles in the fridges behind pubs and bars Continue reading