Fond Cyprès – Hope là 2011 – Corbières

DSC_0171This wine comes from a recent selection I made from Naked Wines. I’m keen on trying more wines from them as on paper they seem to be after an honourable mission: re-investing sales benefits in digging out independent, human sized and adventurous winemakers across the globe who need the cash injection in order to make the wines they want. I am still a bit confused on how to make an informed choice on their website. The way I made my selection was very much based on what type of wine I wanted and then relying on instinct more than on the information provided as it’s usually quite vague. For example between two Malbecs at £10-£11, there isn’t much detail that will help you choose between the two. But anyway, if anything it’s interesting to take a bit of a gamble and pick one. The wines are here, let’s find out what they’re like.

First one from that case is a young Corbières made by Laeticia Ourliac. Vines are grown organically and include all the usual suspects from the region: Syrah, Grenache and Carignan… It is initially sold at £10.99 but I am an “Angel” (or so they think, niarf’ niarf’) and I paid £7.99 with the discount.

When I first opened it straight from the cellar, it was still a bit cold and all I got on the nose was black cherry. Fresh acidity for vibrance, soft but young tannins for the structure and syrah added a peppery finish. It’s clean and pure, an honest wine so far. I noticed that they recommend to leave the wine opened for an hour or two and towards the second half of the bottle, the wine had warmed up and opened up indeed. I still have the black cherry but other black fruits too and it has gained in complexity and depth. It’s not too heavy on the body but shows more robustness which I thought was lacking at first. I think it’s worth 11 quid and at 8 it’s a good bargain.

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2 thoughts on “Fond Cyprès – Hope là 2011 – Corbières

  1. Colin March 15, 2014 at 11:19 pm Reply

    This was the first bottle we opened in a trial Naked wines case.. unfortunately it was corked and quite undrinkable. From reading comments about this wine on Naked Wines’ own website it does seem that a high proportion of bottles are corked. Why they would therefore choose to include it in a promotional pack does seem like a pretty crazy marketing decision. Shame. I sense there’s a good wine underneath all that must.

    • ofmustandmash March 16, 2014 at 8:51 am Reply

      You are right Colin, sounds to me that the corks used have been highly faulty. I’ve had two bottle both fine. The thing is I don’t know how Naked Wine can know about this issue before it goes on sale but I do think they are trying to shift the stock anyway.

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