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An evening at Bakerie, Northern Quarter

One of my colleagues recently left our Salford Quays office to venture into the wild London. She had expressed the desire to know more about wine so when the time came to arrange something for her farewell drinks, there was (unfortunately) only one place I could think of. Somewhere unpretentious, ideally located, serving food and with an accessible and varied wine list.

Bakerie is located on Lever Street, just off Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It is, to my knowledge, the only wine bar in Manchester. Aside from an extensive list of wines by the glass and by the bottle at affordable prices Continue reading

Crozes Hermitage 2009 – Wine Society Exhibition

2013-01-21 19.31.05Miss Mash and I had a bit of a tough one this week and come Friday late January you’re faced with a bit of a dilemma:

1. Tired and not bothered cooking much;
2. DEFINITELY need something nice and comforting for tea;
3. A glass (or three) of wine is self-evident.

Based on what was in the fridge, Fajitas was our solution this particular Friday. Steak and paprika and herbs oven chips also often win but unfortunately, with our current oven it will never be quick. I use the discovery mix which I’m sure can be done better from scratch but for the sake of simplicity I am very happy with the flavours. On a side note, really not a fan of the Old El Paso stuff. What has the foodie community got to say on this?

As you know by now, Miss Mash and I are mainly red winos. We love whites too but we find red wine more satisfying I suppose. Problem is, red wine doesn’t quite go with hot spicy food. Continue reading

Barbazul 2010 – Tierra de Cadiz

Barbazul 2010_2It’s not like there are that many of you interested in what I have to say anyway but I have been a bit more quiet than I’d like of late and I apologise. Not quite doing the full-on dryathlon some subject themselves to but I figured if there is a time in the year to give your liver a rest, might as well be when most people do. I did give in this weekend though, and ended up opening a strange, enigmatic-looking bottle I found in the cellar. Continue reading

Prosecco D.O.C.G

Since I’m having a bit of a dry spell to get things back to normal after the festive period, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about fizz, and Prosecco in particular. In memory of the great moments spent with close friends and family over Christmas and New Year.


I am not often seen drinking sparkling wine. It is normally restricted to those occasions that call for it but my drink of choice will more often than not be a good glass of red or a craft ale. Over the last few years I have been introduced to a wider range of sparkling wines than just Champagne and other mousseux. I particularly enjoy Continue reading