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Les Cépages Oubliés – Cinsault-Grenache Vieilles Vignes 2012

20130521_220211_20130527130807986I finally managed to squeeze some free time to tell you about one of our recent wine tales. Here is a bottle we picked up from an independent, relatively local purveyor of what looked like a careful selection of boozy poison, a savoir Tiny’s Tipple in Chorlton (the ever popular hipsterland -cum Hardy, South Manchester, that is).  Initially we were there for a European beer selection to celebrate what was my first ever Eurovision party (let’s agree my “ignorance” in this area actually adds to my credit). Shopping turned out to be quite successful in the end with a great range of beers from all corners of the quality beer making regions of the world and at a fair price considering what you may have to part with these days for decent brews.

Obviously I couldn’t help myself having a peek at the range of wines… you know, market research… Although wine was not the object of our errand, Miss Mash provided me with a perfect case of standard UK wine buyer approach Continue reading