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#BeerBods 1: St Austell Proper Job IPA

StAustell - Proper Job3

The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy: work deadlines, wine dinners (#7wordwinereview), home shows, father’s day,  wine studying etc… But this Thursday was busy in a good way.  At the last minute I got solicited by The Wine Tasting Company to entertain a group of ladies and gents with a bout of wine quiz before dinner. Even though I have very little experience I would have been a fool to let this opportunity slip so I made the hour long drive to Nantwich to a fancy hotel and did my best to keep them amused and interested. A bit daunting but I had a good time and I hope they enjoyed it too. The idea was to match the wine being tasted to the correct grape variety with the list and description of the respective varieties.

But as it happens, it was also Miss Mash and I’s first of twelve weekly home-based beer tasting sessions. Let me explain… Continue reading

Bourgueil – La cuvée du Bonn’Heure

DSC_0024bNow, this could be tricky. Telling you about this bad boy is actually too simple:

It’s a thirst wine. There…that’s all you need to know.

I could tell you it comes from a great appellation called Bourgueil in the Loire Valley and it’s made of Cabernet Franc. I could tell you that it’s light and fresh with red fruits and soft herbaceous tannins. I could dig deeper and tell you even more subjective facts about the nose and the palate etc… but I’m not gonna. You’re thirsty and you feel like red wine? Continue reading

An evening at Grenache in Walkden

Grenache_NoirIt was Miss Mash’s mum’s birthday this week and for all sorts of reasons we just didn’t feel like going to town for a meal out. Too much faff, can’t park, what restaurant, too expensive, overrated, too many burgers, etc… having read Mrs Petticoat‘s review Miss Mash suggested going to Grenache. “Huh?”, was my first reaction but immediately the name sounded appealing for obvious reasons. It is conveniently located in Walkden tucked in a quiet little corner of greater West Manchester. The website throws some expectations-raising facts such as Michelin-trained Head Chef Mike Jennings, on top of the obvious promise of good wines. safe to say I was more excited than the birthday girl herself.

A short drive from Sale (15 mins), easy parking 10 metres down from the restaurant, a warm welcome on arrival (well played Huss for making mum feel like that special someone) , and a comfortable environment… At this stage I had to restrain from having too big a grin on me face.

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