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#TBWCwhisky – Insight from a Live Tweet Tasting


Following up on joining the Manchester Whisky Club (here) and the #TBWCwhisky Live Tweet Tasting that ensued, I feel the need to record and (as a consequence of using the blog medium) relate the experience and learning associated with that event. Continue reading

Manchester Whisky Club


Are there whisky drinkers out there ? Sorry, let me re-word that. Are there whisky amateurs about? If you live in or near Manchester you may have heard of the Manchester Whisky Club (or on Facebook or Twitter @MCRWhiskyClub). Who knows you may even be a member or on the waiting list in which case no doubt our paths will cross soon.

The club is managed by Andy Duckworth and members meet approximately Continue reading

A letter from Dave Powell – Ex Torbreck

Note: I have been kindly allowed to share the following letter in its entirety by Vincent Pousson who has known and met Dave Powell and was one of the recipients of Dave’s letter. The original post can be found here. Whilst Vincent’s input is in French, the letter has been published un-translated, in English and it is a direct copy I publish here.

The power of money, and the pressure it can exert on the best of us, has once again irrevocably damaged something beautiful. Continue reading

Book review: Uncorked – Marco Pasanella

Uncorked bookThis book hase been on reading list since Christmas but I have only got round to it during our summer holiday in teh Roussillon.

This Italian-American furniture designer turned wine merchant tells the tale of how he decided to change his life and set up a wine shop in Seaport, South Manhattan.
Along with all the struggles you might expect be it financial or the taxman, it’s filled with moving anecdotes, stories and recipes that give this book the additional dimension it needs to make it not just informative to a wine geek full of hopes and ideas but to anyone remotely interested in non-fiction, wine-related adventure.

From the ancestral core of Italian food and wine culture to the reality of the wine market during the recession of 2008-2009, Marco has been through it all from the best to the worst and back and he delivers it with ease but emotion too.

It is not the greatest litterature work nor will it get the booker prize or attract the “Bestseller” attribute at WHSmith but it will tell you more about wine, New York, Italy and real life than 500 shades of grey. It’s well written and easy going, AND you will have plenty of easy recipes to pair your wines with.

A enjoyable read that I finished in 3 days 🙂