Manchester Whisky Club


Are there whisky drinkers out there ? Sorry, let me re-word that. Are there whisky amateurs about? If you live in or near Manchester you may have heard of the Manchester Whisky Club (or on Facebook or Twitter @MCRWhiskyClub). Who knows you may even be a member or on the waiting list in which case no doubt our paths will cross soon.

The club is managed by Andy Duckworth and members meet approximately once a month (presumably) to taste a range of whiskies or whiskeys from all over the world. I say presumably because I haven’t actually attended an event…yet. You see, until recently the maximum number of members was limited to 15 due to the limited space available at the Lass O’ Gowrie where the club used to meet initially. Suffice to say that places went comme des petits pains (i.e like little bread loaves – as in they went fast) last year and I missed the train. But facing the pressure of growing interest and popularity Andy set about to look for a slightly bigger home for the club and was able to increase the numbers. So without hesitation, I jumped straight in.

Whilst I have not yet been to an actual meet with the club, I thought I’d devote a wee post to introduce what I hope will be a fruitful series of tasting experiences that I will endeavour to share here.

NB: As a wee taster, members, including the newbie (i.e. me), recently found themselves lucky to be able to take part in a live tweet tasting session courtesy of That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Master of Malt. Check out #TBWCwhisky for the record of a 2.5 hours constant tweet stream of tasting notes from all the participants. I will also elaborate further on my experience of the tasting as this is a different kind of exercise and I actually learned quite a bit about various aspects of tasting whisky in particular but also tasting in general. Watch this space.

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