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#Beerbods 2: Salopian Brewery – Darwin’s Origin

DSC_0003bThis is one from the Beer Bods selection and since Thursday was Wine of the Week day, I am enjoying this beer tonight on a quiet and homely Saturday evening.

Gold, light copper, nice carbonation and a thin frothy head. An inviting sweetly spiced, honeyed aroma, grapefruit and orange peel and hints of tropical fruit. Soft and sweet malty body but a tight pithy structure from the bitter hops. Very clean citrus finish with a hint of spice.

A bitter in style, but a very flavoursome and well-crafted one. Definitely one of the best I have had recently despite IMBC (I guess I was concentrating on the bolder, lesser known styles). And at 4.3% I’d happily down a few of these if I were to find it in the local pub (there is unfortunately very little chance of it happening).

Salopian Brewery are based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and the Darwin’s Origin has won several gold SIBA awards over the last 3 years.


Embeleso Rioja Crianza 2010 – Italy meets Spain

DSC_0010bCork out… first taste… It’s a bit volatile, a bit harsh, the tannins are angry, they’ve been stuck in there too long… although not really long enough to age, mature and wisen. So they jump about everywhere, roaring like a young Lion, not quite ready to be in control… yet. But there is plenty of fruit hiding behind this mess. A lot of blackberries, picked at the end of a long, Continue reading

IndyManBeerCon 2013

DSC_0020bI think we can safely agree that the #IMBC2013 was the most anticipated beer event of the year…possibly in the whole of the UK. Crowds flew from all over and tickets for Thursday, Friday and Saturday were sold out well ahead of the event.

Undeniably this year was just as much of a success as last year and although Continue reading

A few of the Drunken Butcher’s favourite things

DSC_0044bSince we went to another DineInOut event in April – “Around the world in 8-ish steaks”, which I didn’t relate mainly due to an aggravated case of over-indulgitis followed by fuzzynitis memorae – we missed out on V-Gin, Cluckin’ Hell and Pizza the action. We were about to miss out on “A Few of my Favourite Things” Continue reading

Big Indie Wine Fest 2013

Just a quick one about this annual event, part of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival (MFDF). When I attend events accompanied by other people I find it increasingly harder (and somewhat rude) to spend time taking detailed notes and photos so please, excuse the lack of these here. But I still like to bring some substance as opposed to a straight forward report of what went on; I don’t really see that as added-value for those who read me but did not attend. However, the great thing about wine is that you can procure it in many ways these days Continue reading