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A few of the Drunken Butcher’s favourite things

DSC_0044bSince we went to another DineInOut event in April – “Around the world in 8-ish steaks”, which I didn’t relate mainly due to an aggravated case of over-indulgitis followed by fuzzynitis memorae – we missed out on V-Gin, Cluckin’ Hell and Pizza the action. We were about to miss out on “A Few of my Favourite Things” Continue reading

Small & Small Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011

20130723_183655_20130723184132100Finally a light, aromatic and elegant Pinot… reminiscent of a well made Haute Cote de Beaune, the lighter, simpler style of Burgundian red. It reminded Miss Mash and I of our trip to this region last year.

This Pinot Noir comes from Marlborough though and it is made by Bill & Claudia Small who supply their wares to Naked Wines (yep them again).

There were several reviews describing it as thin and flavourless on the website, which I can understand. If I dare make a little generalisation, I expect that a large majority of casual red wine drinkers in the UK think of, and like their, red wine relatively big and bold hence the success of Aussie Shiraz, Chilean Merlot or Spanish Rioja. Pinot Noir has either missed red wine drinkers’ radar, has been enjoyed in a meatier, fleshier style, or as was the case with some Naked Wines customer was found disappointing and lacking in flavour. Continue reading

Fine Wine Bonanza in West Didsbury

photo (7)This January it felt like half the nation were keeping dry. So damn hard to find a mate to share a pint with. And when you least expect it, in true Don Corleone fashion, Reserve Wines knock at your digital door with an offer you can’t refuse. Given how busy things are in our life of late, what with the work in the house and busy times in the office, there haven’t been many boozy adventures since Christmas and I was getting a bit restless. So when an email arrived in the inbox titled “A very special one-off tasting” and then “Fine Wine Extravaganza” I didn’t need to read the rest and I called Marc to book straight away. To make this particular tasting that little bit more exclusive, only the 12 first lucky ones to book would be able to attend so it was going to be an intimate affair. Continue reading